Drug screening Confirmation


It is important to the healthcare provider to understand and be able to read confirmation reports when one of his/her patients tests positive for a “family of drugs,” such as opiates.It is important for the care giver or court ordered person to understand the confirmation testing which can help pinpoint which drug triggered the positive result. Most will have questions about whether the prescribed oxycodone caused the positive opiate result and what other drug is found in Oxycodone. Confirmation will help identify if there are any other reasons why that individual sample might have tested positive.

Confirmation testing will give you the absolute results when sent to our lab. Cut off levels are pre-determined through the requisition form note the cutoff numbers for confirmation testing are lower than the initial screen cutoffs, (POC) making the test more sensitive. Confirmation tests are more often used as evidence in court.For example, if the donor/patient claims that they tested positive because they were at a party over the weekend with exposure to marijuana smoke, a confirmation test will be able to conclude whether the initial positive result was from exposure or consumption.

Its important to know what your patients are doing and to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with your patients, confirmations testing can help establish a pattern of use. This is most importantly helpful information for patients in pain management programs who are taking prescribed painkillers like oxycodone and hydromorphone. It is also essential for patients in drug replacement therapy programs, and or buprenorphine, suboxone or subutex programs.