What We Test

At Quality we test and confirm over 200 types of prescription drugs and illicit drugs. We can massage a point of care (POC) specific for you practice. Which allows us to provide our clients with the following?

Support and education to reduce drug misuse and diversion Quick turnaround time 12-24 hrs.

Customized testing

Charts and reports

Web portal access for confirmation results Confidence in Physician patient relationships. Most commonly prescription drugs testing

Common Prescribed Medication

Actiq Duragesic Lorcet Restoril
Adderall Elavil Lortab Roxicodone
Alprazolam Endocet Meperidine Soma
Amitriptyline Exalgo Methadone Suboxone
Ativan Fentanyl Morphine Talwin
Avinza Flurazepam MS Contin Tapentadol
Carisoprodol Floricet MSIR Temazepam
Clonazepam Flexeril Neurontin Tramadol
Codeine Gabapentin Norco Trazodone
Cyclobenzaprine Halcion Nortriptyline Trizolam
Darvocet Hydrocodone Nucynta Ultracet
Demerol Hydromophone Opana Ultram
Desipramine Imipramine Oxy IR Valium
Diazepam Kadian Oxycodone Vicodin
Dilaudid Klonopin OxyContin Vicoprofen
Doxepin Lorazepam Percocet Xanax
Point of care test (POCT)
Cannabinoids Benzodiazepines Propoxyphene
Cocaine Methadone Synthetic Cannabinoids
Opiates Oxycodone Tapentadol
Amphetamines Buprenorphine Tramadol
Methamphetamine Ethylglucuronide Zolpidem
Phencyclidine Fentanyl Synthetic Stimulants Illicit
Ecstasy Meprobamate
Barbiturates Methylphenidate

Insurance types: Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp, Self-pay, Personal Injury, DOL.