Who can benefits from this program?

All Healthcare professionals can benefit from UDS / UDT confirmation they are but not limited to.

Pain Management Clinics

Medication management

Drug misuse, diversion, and addiction

Orthopedics, Anesthesiologists, Cardiologist and Neurologist

Reduce misdiagnosis

Drug Misuse, diversion and munchausen disease by proxy

Primary Care / Minute clinics / Urgent Care / Hospital ER

Drug addiction, Misuse, and diversion

Minimize drug overdose (OTC)


Is UDT / UDS as important for the Judicial system, and whom would they be?

Drug Courts – Vary from state to state (confirmation needed within 24 hrs)

Behavioral health - Addiction counseling, Substance abuse, drug rehabilitation.

Court ordered - DUI school, Anger management classes, Child custody.

Proactive addiction - Education, awareness, Counseling and treatment.

It is most important that all healthcare providers / professionals understand the importance of UDT/ UDS screening for both them and the patient. Most patients will rarley reveal at the point of care if they are taking OTC medication or smoked a little marijuana, or is taking Viagra or Cialis’s, prior to an ER visit or procedure.

To know what your patient is taking is very important for all healthcare professionals and the patient for proper diagnosis, treatment or therapy. This tool can be used to help educate patients with unknown risk factors, contraindications, and avoid possible misuse and diversion. UDT /UDS confirmation should be considered a healthcare meaningful use tool and NOT a pass or fail drug screen.